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New Atmosphere Smart Galaxy Star Projector

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Introducing the Atmosphere Smart Galaxy Star Projector – your gateway to a mesmerizing cosmic experience. Choose from 16.7 million nebula colors using your smartphone's color wheel. With smart app integration, programmable scenes, and voice control through Alexa and Google, you have complete convenience at your command. Set timers, control schedules, and enjoy adjustable moving nebula clouds and stars to suit any mood. With advanced adjustable brightness, create your desired ambiance effortlessly. Elevate your space with the Atmosphere Smart Galaxy Star Projector.


16.7 Million Nebula Colors 

Choose from a nearly infinite number of nebula colors using the color wheel on your smartphone. From cool crystal blue to fiery red, you can set the mood easily by selecting any color you can think of.

Smart App Integration with Programmable Scenes  

This projector is compatible with any android or iOS phone. It takes only a few seconds to set up. Plus, you can create and save different star and nebula combinations as ‘scenes’ for each of your moods. 

Voice Control with Alexa & Google 

Use voice commands to turn the projector on and off, change the colors,  adjust the speed, and modify the brightness for extra convenience. Simply connect your projector with the Smart Life app to control it from anywhere. 

Set Timers and Control Schedules 

Program your projector to switch on and off during a specific time and day of the week, depending on your preference. What’s more, you can set automatic sleep timers so you get a fully automated experience. 

Adjustable Moving Nebula Clouds & Stars

The stars and the nebula can move as slowly or as quickly as you want them to. You can slow it down when you unwind or increase the pace when you want to make your room more lively. 

Advanced Adjustable Brightness

Easily adjust the brightness of your nebula and stars individually. You can opt to dim the stars and increase the nebula for a more airy feel—or you can dim the nebula and brighten the stars to mimic the night sky—anything goes!


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